Frequently Asked Questions/Knowledge Base


  • Q. Will the Edvay team build my courses for me?

    Ans. Edvay platform has been specifically designed to overcome the often difficult task of building training courses. With our LMS, you can rapidly build training courses by uploading your existing training material. Simply upload your PowerPoint presentations, PDF, Word, Excel, and other related training documents and Edvay will automatically create a training framework around your information. Of course, if you do need assistance Edvay support is only a call/email away.

  • Q. Can I export users from the system?

    Ans. No, Edvay doesn’t have such an option as of now.

  • Q. Are there restrictions for the password?

    Ans. Yes, The password should be min 6 characters, alphanumeric with a special character.Sample password: Test123$

  • Q. Do you provide Phone Support?

    Yes. Phone and email support is available from Morning 9am to Evening 6pm, 6 days a week. We aim to acknowledge all support requests within 24 hours and resolve critical issues within 48 hours.

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  • Q. Minimum system requirements to use Edvay?

    Ans. Any computer system with a browser and a proper internet connection can access the platform.

  • Q. Do I need to download any software to use the Edvay platform?

    Ans. No, You don’t have to download any software, It's a cloud based platform. All you need is a computer system with internet connection.

  • Q. Is there any option for the Offline mode?

    Ans. No, You need to be connected to the Internet to access the platform.

  • Q. Can we download the content from your platform or have a link for the same?

    Ans. No, you cannot download any content or get a link. It's only accessible from the platform.

  • Q. What all Platform you use for the online session?

    Ans. We have a third party API Integration option for Live Meet. As of now it's Zoom and Agora that can be integrated.

  • Q. Maximum how many students can join in an online session?

    Ans. It is totally based on the subscription plan that you take from Agora/Zoom.

  • Q. Can we upgrade our plan later according to the need.

    Ans. Yes, Please share the requirement, we will suggest the best suitable plan for you. You can also check the suitable plans on the pricing page.

  • Q. Are all the training modules and all the contents that we upload on the platform are safe and secure?

    Ans. Yes, All User accounts are password protected and when you're online using a platform, you’re protected by a SSL (HTTPS) secure connection. Our core database and servers are hosted in a world class data center and managed by AWS. We also use Amazon’s storage technology to store and serve uploaded files.

  • Q. Do you Charge for every Course that we publish, or it is totally on plan?

    Ans. No separate charges to publish a course. It is included in your plan.

  • Q. How much does an Enterprise/Ecommerce platform cost?

    Ans. Please visit our Pricing Page.

Manage Users

  • Q. How can I make a user Active/InActive?

    Ans. Only the admin will have access to disable the user, You can disable by toggling them to Inactive in Users panel.

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  • Q. How can I assign/enroll users to courses?

    Ans. For assigning/enroll courses to a particular user, go to Admin User>Courses>Course>Student>Enroll Student.

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  • Q. How can a user reset their password?(Student)

    Ans. In order for a user to reset the password, one can click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page or if you know the current password, for security reasons you want to change the password, you can still click on My Profile on top right corner, and select change password.

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  • Q. How many students can be added in a group?

    Ans. There is no limitation on the number of users for a group, it can have all registered users of a particular organisation, ranging from 2 to n>500, as per billing plan.

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  • Q. What are the different bulk operations that can be performed?

    Ans. Bulk User Invite, Bulk Course Enroll are the only two bulk functionalities.

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  • Q. How can I delete users in bulk?

    Ans. Select users to be deleted and click on bulk operations and select bulk delete.

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  • Q. How can I remove a user from a Group?

    Ans. Go to Users>Group delete a User by just clicking on the Delete icon.

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  • Q. Can one user be part of multiple user groups?

    Ans, Yes, one user can be part of multiple groups.

  • Q. How can I enroll users to a course on course level?

    Ans. In Enterprise Version, You can enroll the users to a course from Admin user, Go to Courses, click on particular course, go to students and click on enroll student, select the student and click on Add selected students.

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  • Q. Can we import Student Data from the Excel Sheets that are already there with the Institute instead of manually entering each student's data?

    Ans. Yes you can import Student,Trainer and Authors data from a .csv file. Only Admin users have access to do bulk import, Go to Users, click on New Student, go to import panel and download the csv format, fill in the students data as per the format & save. Drag and drop the file or select the file and click on save.

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  • Q. Every User will be having a different password to enter Edvay platform or the same?

    Ans. Yes, Every user will have a unique email ID, User can enter their registered email ID and password to login.

  • Q. How many admins can be added to the Edvay platform?

    Ans. Only Standard, Advance and Premium plans have the option to add multiple admins. Please refer to the pricing plan you are subscribed to.

  • Q. How many students can be added?

    Ans. Each billing plan has its own limitation on the number of students. Kindly check your billing plan or refer to the pricing page.

  • How can users upload their profile picture?

    Ans. Once you have signed in to the platform, click on the My Profile on top right corner, you can see the upload image option on avatar.

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  • Q. How can we track the invitations sent to the users and their status?

    Ans. You can see the list of invitations who have not yet registered on the platform in the “Invited Users” panel. You can resend the invitation if required.

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As a Student

  • Q. Can students record online Lectures/Live sessions.

    Ans. Since Live Meets are conducted with third party API Integration, It depends on the third party application features.

  • Q. Students can access Edvay platform on their Tablets/Mobiles?

    Ans. Yes, platforms can be accessed from mobile and tablets. Soon, we will have a mobile application.

As a Trainer/Author

  • Q. Can Trainer/Author edit the course content?

    Ans. Only Admin and Authors can edit the course content, not the trainer. You can toggle the user level authorisation from admin login.

Manage Courses

  • Q. How can I add a new course category?

    Ans. There is a separate option directly from the dashboard where you can create and manage categories.

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  • Q. How can courses be 'published'/’UnPublished’?

    Ans. Only Admin and Author users can publish/unpublish the course. Go to Courses>Course, Click on particular course, there is a button to publish/unpublish the course. (Yellowish Button)

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  • Q. How to fill in basic details for course overview?

    Ans. Admin/Author User>Courses, Click on particular course, Basic details, here you can add the course overview.

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  • Q. How to add, edit, delete or re-order Content?

    Ans. Admin/Author User>Courses>Course>Edit, here you can reorder, delete and add new content.

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  • Q. How to add a cover image for a course?

    Ans. Admin/Author User>Courses, Click on particular course, on top right corner you see an option to upload the image. You can add the cover image for a course.

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  • Q. Where is the Course Progress bar reflected?

    Ans. Learners can see the course learning progress inside the course>Continue learning. You can see the progress at the left side of the screen, immediately below the course image.

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  • Q. Can I add external links as content?

    Ans. Yes, you can add external file links, youtube video links, and any other links as content.

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  • Q. Can courses be offered 'Free' on the platform?

    Ans. Yes, In E-commerce version Courses can be offered Free on the platform. You need to select the price plan before publishing the course.


  • Q. What all Payment gateway does the edvay use?

    Ans. We use Razorpay and Stripe payment gateway.

  • Q. What are the Payment gateway charges?

    Ans. Please visit the Razorpay/Stripe webpage or Contact their sales/support for more details.

  • Q. How to Integrate Razorpay/Stripe?

    Ans. Go to the developer page of the respective payment gateway, explore for API key and Secret code. Paste it in Settings>>Payments.

  • Q. Which Cloud Storage Integrations are available?

    Ans. As of now, it's only Dropbox integration, we’ll soon have other cloud storage integrations options.

Course Content

  • Q. What variety of file types does the system support?

    Ans. Edvay Platform supports:

    Docs (pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx)

    Video ( mp4, 3gp, wmv & mov )

    Audio (mp3 & wav)

    Image (png, jpg, gif)

    Webpages and video links from YouTube

  • Q. What can be the Maximum Length of the video that can be uploaded?

    Ans. There is no limitation for the size/length of the video. We recommend to keep it short, so that users won’t get bored on longer sessions.

  • Q. Can I add external links as content?

    Ans. Yes, external links can be added as content: You can add the URLs of web pages and video links from YouTube.

  • Q. Can we add a Youtube Video Link and play it directly from Edvay platform?

    Ans. Yes, you can add a youtube link

  • Q. Is there an alternative to uploading video files?

    Ans. If the video content is available on youtube, you can use the youtube link to add video to the content.


  • Q. What question types are supported by the platform?

    Ans. Platform supports following questions types:

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  • Q. How can I create a question?

    Ans. You can create questions for a Quiz or for Exam. Click on add question, select the question type, mention the question and answer options, select the correct answer as well. You have the option to set the time, hint, feedback and marks for each question.

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  • Q. What question types are supported in Quiz?

    Ans. Platform supports following questions types:


  • Q. Can I give certificates on course completion?

    Ans. Yes, We have a predesigned certificate draft, you can upload your Logo, Signature, Title and Description. You can enable the certificate, and students will get the certificate immediately after successful course completion.

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  • Q. Can certificates be auto-generated?

    Ans. All certificates are auto generated immediately after course completion.

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  • Q. Where can a student View their certificates?

    Ans. Login to the account, click on profile at top right corner and click on ‘My Certificates’.

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  • Q. How to work with Certifications?

    Ans. For courses, certificates can be auto-generated once the course is complete. You can enable it from Admin/Author User>Courses>Course>Certificate, you find a toggle to enable the certificate. You can add a logo, signature, certificate title and organisation/institute name.

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Discount Coupons

  • Q. How to Create a discount coupon?

    Ans. Admin User>Discounts>New Discount, Give a title to the discount, duration of the discount, Select discount type: percentage or flat, mention the percentage or discount value, description of the discount, Select the Courses and Click on Finish.

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  • Q. How do polls work?

    Ans. Polls can be designed on the platform to gather information from users. Polls can be used as feedback forms to collect feedback on a particular course. In this case, only the course participants will be able to see the Poll and submit their feedback. They can also be used as a generic questionnaire to collect information from users. This can be assigned to users who are not specifically course participants.

  • Q. How can Polls be created?

    Ans. To create a poll.
    Click on Polls, Create New>Poll Title>Select the Course>Add a Description>Add Poll questions and save. All participants of that particular course can be invited and even other users can also be invited to participate in the poll.

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General Settings

  • Q. How can I update the platform with my company logo?

    Ans. To upload company logo:
    Admin User>Settings>General Settings>Upload Image, you will find an option to upload the logo.

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  • Q. Where can I upload the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy?

    Ans. Admin User>Settings>Site Settings, you will have an option to add Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy.

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  • Q. What is Gamification?

    Ans. Applying gaming concepts like points, badges and leaderboard to promote learner engagement is known as Gamification. Organizations need to have a sizable library of courses and number of learners in order to effectively use gamification.

  • Q. How can I customize a Badge?

    Ans. Admin User>Curriculum>Badges, you can add Badge Image, Title and Description.

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Live Meet/Live Session/Virtual Classroom/Q&A

  • Q. How to Schedule a Live Meet/Live Session/Virtual Classroom/Q&A Session?

    Ans. Admin User>Dashboard>Events>Create New, You will have an option to schedule a Virtual Classroom or Q&A session, select the type, Add a title, Add description,select API and Invite Users.

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  • Q. Can I Invite a group for a live session?

    Ans. Yes, If you already have a group created and saved, you can schedule the live session and invite a group. If the group is not created, please create a group first from Users panel, after the group is created, you can go to events, create a new live session, schedule the date and time, and invite the users/group.

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Announcement & Notification

  • Q. How to make an announcement?

    Ans. Admin User/Author/Trainer>Dashboard>Events>Announcement, Click on ‘Create New’, enter the title and description for the announcement, Click on Invite Users and select either individual users, group users, course users and even curriculum users.

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  • Q. How to access my notification?

    Ans. Click on the Bell “??” icon to access Notification.

  • Q. Can I delete an announcement?

    Ans. No, a successful announcement cannot be recalled or cancelled.