Features Overview

Keep your team updated with the latest trends and technical skills of your sector with our easy-to-set up, customisable, and highly reliable SaaS-based learning platform.

Some of our Core Features

Customised Templates

Get up and running quickly with customised templates specialised for different businesses and industries.

Learning Tools

Find an array of learning tools that allow the implementation of various learning techniques in each course, thus enriching and simplifying the learning experience.


Improve learning speed and maintain the learner’s level of interest by making the process a fun one via gamification of lessons and courses.

Report and Analytics

Receive detailed statistics and insights of user behaviour which can be used to further improve the learning experience.

Hosting and Security

Hosted on your own servers with secure, end-to-end encryption and a web-based interface, Edvay eliminates all hosting and security hassles.

Course Marketplace

Find and discover various other courses from your organisation that can be explored and enrolled in.

Bulid for Future

Edvay’s web-based learning platform features several elements that put it years ahead of conventional desktop software and allow for incredible scalability, performance, and overall flexibility.

99.95% Guaranteed Uptime

Edvay’s web app is 100% cloud-based which means no data loss, no outage issues, instant access via any device, and most importantly, seamless and instant software updates.

Scalable and Flexible

Edvay’s web app offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of scalability, customisation, feature integration, and UI / UX optimisation.

Integration with other Enterprise Applications

With Edvay’s web app you can easily connect with various other online services offering a new level of software integration and a whole new array of advanced features.

White labelling

Opt for white labelling and maintain your branding even while you break in to online tutoring.

Payment gateways

Integrate payment gateways easily and start accepting online payments.